November 30, 2022

Eighty-two percent of voters would support a different political party over an education platform: Poll

Jhe vast majority of American parents would consider voting for another political party based on shared educational values, according to a new poll.

Commissioned by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools and conducted by Harris Poll, the survey found that 82% of parents would support a candidate from another political party if that candidate’s educational platform was aligned with their personal views on the matter.

The results held true across all parties, with 88% of independents, 81% of Democrats and 79% of Republicans all indicating they would support a candidate outside their preferred party on education issues.

“Charter schools and parental choice have long enjoyed bipartisan support from lawmakers,” Nina Rees, president and CEO of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, said in a press release. “This poll clearly shows that support for education options is stronger than ever among parents, regardless of their political party… The education voter is the new swing voter.

The poll, which surveyed 5,002 American parents over the last two weeks of May, also found that 83% of parents consider education a more important political issue for them than in the past, including 45% of black parents. who indicated they felt strongly on the issue.

Additionally, the poll found broad support for public charter schools, with 84% of respondents indicating that they supported the availability of public charter schools whether or not they would send their child to a charter school.

The poll results come as the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools leads efforts to oppose the Biden administration’s rewrite of Department of Education regulations on the disbursement of federal charter school funds.

The proposed settlement, which was first announced in March, would significantly tighten the rules under which public charter schools would be eligible for federal funding. Critics said the rules are onerous and could force hundreds of schools to close permanently.