November 25, 2022

Editorial: why we don’t support political candidates

Endorsements are how certain organizations or individuals show their support for a candidate.

A popular governor could throw his weight behind someone running for mayor. A large union can defend a legislative candidate.

This is all very familiar due to how often it happens. Frequently, mentions may be accompanied by truncated speech and personal appearances when the name is large enough.

Pennsylvania will see plenty of that as the election clock ticks down with three presidents on the campaign trail. donald trump will rally for his chosen Republicans — Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz and gubernatorial candidate and state Senator Doug Mastriano at the Westmoreland County Fairgrounds on Saturday. Barack Obama and President Joe Biden will throw their support behind the Democrats — Lt. Gov. John Fetterman for the Senate and Attorney General Josh Shapiro for the governor.

It is appropriate. When one political candidate stands alongside another, it shows a common goal. When an organization such as a police or a teachers’ union takes up this flag, it shows that they believe in the platform. Approval helps people make decisions.

But a news agency? It’s a little different, and it’s something more and more newspapers reconsider.

A journal should cover the ups and downs, successes and mistakes of leaders and legislators. At a time when people are increasingly suspicious of facts, it is important to be able to remain impartial.

We respect that our readers have diverse views on politics. We need them to accept that our coverage does not flex based on who wins or loses an election.

The Tribune-Review has not endorsed a candidate for years and has no plans to change that. The importance of the Pennsylvania US Senate and gubernatorial races in national politics makes this all the more critical.