August 10, 2022

Could the Abortion Vote Motivate the Overthrow of Political Parties?

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNW) – Will you vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the Value Them Both amendment? Analysts say it’s a big vote. And sometimes big issues flip the party from Democrat to Republican or Republican to Democrat.

“So we don’t and probably won’t see a lot of people moving to another party,” political analyst Jeff Jarman said. “But we know that issues like this can motivate some to change.”

Jarman says Kansas people have been known for decades to vote for issues or candidates deemed outside their party’s line of thought.

“We have seen over the past one or two decades, even as our national politics become increasingly polarized, we find that in particular elections, Kansans are willing to cross party lines.”

Jarman also says group flipping can only be effective in the short term if you bring someone with you to the other side.

“Making change in a party that isn’t traditionally your party can take time,” Jarman said.

He also says that every vote counts and that many who disagree with their party can bring about change simply by urging people to vote.

“Yes. Yes. Every vote counts,” Jarman said.

Anyone registered to vote can vote on the Value Them Both amendment on August 2.

But Jarman points out that the deadline has passed to move to another party for this election cycle. Party fins should register for a party change at a later date.

But some say issues like abortion are a motivation for many to get involved in the debate.

“There are plenty of races around the state where more efficient votes by either campaign can help ensure that both sides have a reasonable chance of winning an election,” Jarman said. “It’s just that getting out the vote is one of the hardest things we do right before the election.”