September 29, 2022

Confusion as political party launch Croydon young mayor post

A political party is setting up a new young mayor role for Croydon despite the council already having an elected young mayor.

The Leadership and Leadership Party (TTIP) is calling on the people of Croydon to nominate candidates to be the borough’s youth mayor, but the young mayor currently elected to Croydon Council has taken to social media to point out that a such a role already exists.

A TTIP announcement says the party wants to use the new post to give voice to young people in the borough.

A statement from the TTIP read: “Young people are the talented future leaders of our society and therefore the best way to represent them and their future is to allow them to be at the table when the decisions, within the board, which will have ultimately impacting them, and their future is in the making.

“The process of electing a young mayor will give young people the opportunity to be heard and allow them to have a say in what happens to their future.”

The Young Mayor of Croydon, an elected position on Croydon Council, is William Awomoyi and the Young Deputy Mayor is Shea Williams.

William took to Twitter to try to clear up the ‘confusion’ created when the new post of TTIP youth mayor was launched.

The process at TTIP for the young mayor will include the nomination of a person between the ages of 16 and 21, then a voting system in which members of the public can vote for their choice of candidate, and six potential candidates will then be selected from among the appointments.

Nominations close on Monday, April 11 and are announced the following day.

Voting for the nominees takes place from Wednesday April 13 to Sunday May 1.

TTIP will be hosting an Assembly of Young Mayors on Thursday, April 15, where the public will have the chance to meet young mayoral candidates and the candidates will have the opportunity to express their opinions and positions on issues prevalent in the community.

Nominations for the role of Young Mayor of Croydon in TTIP can be made on the party’s website.

Croydon Council have been contacted for comment but are unable to respond to the announcement due to the pre-election restrictions period. He did, however, confirm that Croydon already had a young mayor and a young deputy mayor.

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