November 25, 2022

Bucks back streets littered with billboards for political candidates

Around August each year, the beautiful lanes of Bucks County are lined with signs of candidates for political office. At most intersections, whether major highways or country roads, you’ll typically find 30-40 or more political signs stuck in the ground, promoting candidates from each party. An abundance of useless plastic signs for one candidate alongside other useless plastic signs for the other candidate.

In the 21st century, at a time when we are all inundated every day with digital on our phone apps, text messages, email accounts and television, with political advertisements and solicitations for campaign contributions, isn’t it really time to get rid of these plastic horrors?

Seriously, how many voters are deciding which candidate to vote for while sitting at a red light at an intersection, surrounded by political signs? Hopefully the answer to this question is no. Every intersection, road or neighborhood has signs for each party’s candidates. So what’s the point?

Personally, I think there is a better place for these political signs. During each election year, ask the county to create a field of political dreams. It would be a designated open field which would be the only place where campaigns would be allowed to stick their signs in the ground. Think about it, a field with thousands of political signs in one place. Anyone interested in frolicking among the political signs could drive out onto the field, park their car, take off their shoes if they wished, and walk, run, or jump across the field of signs. That way the rest of us, who would rather enjoy the fall beauty of many Bucks County roads, won’t have to stare at these eyesores for months.

It really is time for us as responsible voters to start focusing more on a candidate’s character, qualifications and positions on important issues, rather than the color, size or number of mass-produced plastic signs that their campaign agents stick to the ground.

I wonder how many whales and dolphins end up eating those plastic panels months after they’ve finally been thrown away?

Every election year, send signs of political candidates to the Field of Political Dreams. Please Bucks County, build it, and you can rest assured they won’t come.

Rich Seidner lives in Newtown Township.