November 25, 2022

Breaking the 8-year political party cycle is achievable – NPP Aspirant

Policy for Wednesday, May 11, 2022



Alfred Boye, aspiring president of Greater Accra for the NPP

Newly elected New Patriotic Party (NPP) leaders and delegates were urged to work diligently to break the eight-year history of the political party cycle.

Aspiring President of Greater Accra for the NPP, Alfred Boye delivered the rebuke while congratulating them on the just completed polling station, electoral area coordinators and constituency polls.

He encouraged the elected executives to use their roles to work hard to achieve the party’s mission goal of regaining power in the 2024 elections as it was necessary for the government to support the progress, growth and development of the country.

Mr Boye further warned the delegates never to slacken in their efforts to do their best for the party to win power in the 2024 elections as there were more development projects that the NPP needs to accomplish to improve the conditions. livelihoods and create wealth.

“We must ensure harmonious relations between delegates, supporters, supporters and members of our party because the work is a collective effort and everyone’s role is essential in achieving the party’s agenda with the upcoming regional elections. as an “election for a purpose” as it will determine the outcome of the 2024 election by helping solicit more votes to win massively.

“The elephant is the symbol of a large family, we must unite as one people for the purpose of ensuring the peaceful coexistence, unity, harmony, cohesion and progress of the members in order to achieve the party’s mission to ‘break the eight’, pleaded Mr Boye and urged the elections committee to ‘ensure smoothness, fairness, firmness and transparency in the upcoming regional elections’.

He advised delegates to vote for credible and result oriented candidates to continue their momentum to successfully break the eight including him as Greater Accra Regional Chairman in the upcoming polls to utilize the best modules and strategies to help the party achieve its goal. Electoral Agenda 2024 breaking the eight-year term that had existed for 30 years in the country’s democratic history.