November 30, 2022

Beware of voting by political party this election

As the 2022 midterm elections approach, the volume of rhetoric from all sides is increasing.

Both sides claim the other “hates America and doesn’t care about the citizens.” The divide between parties, even within parties, is an obstacle to progress.

However, that doesn’t stop contestants from raising tons of money in hopes of gaining an advantage. Combined spending on election campaigns could sustain a small country.

In fact, as I write this, my company’s postal division will process nearly 7 million pieces of political mail in the next month – and that’s just the beginning.

Identity politics, agendas, appeasement and promises will attract or repel voters. The candidates walk a fine line, trying to find the happy medium between a positive message and an outright negative attack.

I remember when the country was blessed with statesmen who could disagree while compromising for the good of the people. Perhaps it was the horse-trading that was being done behind closed doors. “If you support my bill, I’ll get you the money to build this new post office.” Or conversely, “If you vote against this bill, I will support your bill tomorrow.” It seemed to work better than today’s stubbornness and obstruction.

Each party, even the factions within each party, will not budge on most issues. Of course, the party with the most power drives the bus, while the loyal opposition tries to keep it from derailing. In politics, defending something in the past does not ground you. The flip-flop is an art form. Most politicians never explain their position changes, they just ignore previous positions.

Takeaway: Keep your reps to their campaign promises. If you don’t, you may have lost your vote. Online party voting is dangerous and can bite you to the bottom. Evaluate the candidate who is asking for your support. Ask specific questions, don’t accept word salad answers, follow up if the answer isn’t clear, have a real conversation. You are looking for a level of sincerity that matches your vision and your needs. You are looking for a statesman persona and not a power-seeking agenda-driven hack.

Good luck in November and God bless America.

Greg Demetriou is CEO of Lorraine Gregory Communications.

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