September 29, 2022

Another Barrow leads a major political party in Belize

The main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) elected Shyne Barrow as its new leader, beating Tracy Taegar-Panton who was seeking to become the first woman to lead a major political party in Belize.

Barrow’s victory by just three votes came as more than 500 delegates from 31 constituencies voted for a new leader on Sunday to replace former education minister Patrick Faber, who stepped down as party leader and the opposition following a situation of domestic violence. .

“You know, Michael Jordan has won championships by a field goal, so that’s nothing new in life. The party is a healthy reflection of democracy. I think we’ve done pretty well, there’s not had much bashing at all, you know, we kept it in-house, and Tracy and I were in touch throughout parliamentary questions.

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“My campaign has been very hands-on, very grassroots, you know, not with bells and whistles and, you know, any kind of circus activity but just really directly with the delegates,” said Barrow, who returns to the post. for a second. occasion following the party’s defeat in the November 2020 general election.

“You know I’ve abstained from media and publicity and just dealt directly with delegates and so I’m very comfortable with those conversations and very comfortable with those engagements and it’s been very inspiring to listen to the unique challenges and aspirations that Belizeans who are UDP and Belizeans everywhere have and what they want for their country and what they want in their party leader,” said Barrow, a former rapper turned politician and son of former Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

Barrow said after his win that he hugged his opponent “and we’re going to move on.”

Taegar-Panton promised to side with Barrow, adding “we have a job to do, and that job is to hold this administration, this current administration, to account. The job is to prepare our ship for battle in 2025 and whatever happens today, I will do my part to ensure that the United Democratic Party is ready to become the next government in 2025.”

Barrow said he planned to sit down and watch it all.

“I’m more concerned about people who were just in positions and not working, but if someone was doing an outstanding job in a particular position, just because that person might have voted for Tracy or might have been a supporter of Faber.

“I’m not, my instinct is not to get rid of anybody, that’s not how I think. I want what’s best for the party and, you know, the sages actually take those who were against them and get them to join forces with them and so…if we got together and inflicted this on the ruling People’s United Party (PUP), we’d form a formidable force.