November 25, 2022

Andrew Yang’s third-party logo mocked for similarities to GI Joe

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang is trying to get a third political party off the ground with a new PAC. It is called the “Forward” party – but its logo is already ruthlessly mocked on social networks.

According to Yang, it was created by supporters Olivia Daniel and Alex Zarzycki. The design features a red, white, and blue color scheme, though the actual “front” portion is steel gray. The tagline reads: ‘Not left, not right’, with a star between the phrases and wings over most of the image. For many, it conjures up images of the popular “GI Joe” franchise.

“This GI JOE reboot sucks,” author Adam Lance Garcia joked.

To others, Yang’s logo looked more like the one from Tom Cruise’s hit movie “Top Gun.” Several people joked that they had the video game to match the movie, with one person writing, “had this game for NES a kid could never land on the aircraft carrier.

When people weren’t joking about the logo, they were pointing out that Yang’s photo was quite clearly a screenshot of his phone. “No one taught tech brother Andrew Yang how to crop a photo,” actor Kylie Sparks tweeted.

“He thinks he can end the two-party system when he doesn’t even know how to crop a screenshot,” another Twitter user wrote.

Andrew Yang

You can check out more fun reactions to the logo below.