November 30, 2022

Action groups on mica and pyrite declare their intention to create a political party

Five failed bloc action groups said they had started the process of forming a political party to represent their cause, after accusing the government of not helping their cause.

It comes after campaigners in Donegal suggested in December that a political grouping could be formed which could cause problems for political parties in the five-seat constituency.

Faulty building blocks containing excessive deposits of mica and pyrite minerals have seen thousands of properties begin to crumble across the country.

Politicians were warned during a seven-hour marathon by the Oireachtas committee last week that the faulty building block problem could emerge in every county across the country, with one expert describing it as a ‘ticking time bomb’.

They have also been warned that the government’s defective concrete block grant scheme, which offers 100% grants of up to €420,000 per home, does not go far enough for those affected.

The five groups forming the political party are Donegal Mica Action Group, Mayo Pyrite Action Group, Clare Pyrite Action Group, Limerick Pyrite Action Group and Sligo Pyrite Action Group.

Action groups said on Tuesday they intended to field local and general election candidates in any county affected by the faulty building block problem.

In a joint statement on Tuesday, the groups said: “Yesterday, 4 July 2022, the Action Groups registered their intentions with the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties, Leinster House to form a political party to compete in the forthcoming General Election and local.

“We intend to field candidates in all relevant counties in local and state elections.”

He said that although homes in the four counties of Donegal, Mayo, Clare and Limerick are covered by the €2.7billion defective concrete block scheme, he believes the same problem “manifests itself up to present in 13 counties”.

“We will reach out to victims in these other affected counties to establish action groups and ask each group to work under the umbrella of this new political party.

“We will also reach out to activists who are fighting in our cities to clean up thousands of broken apartments and townhouses.

“Now is the time for all who are suffering from ineffective ‘light-touch’ government regulation and corporate neglect to come together to demand justice and for our homes, properties and lives to be restored.”


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Speaking to RTÉ Drivetime on Tuesday, Michael Doherty of Mica Action Group said they had yet to work out details of how many candidates they would field.

“As activists, I think we’ve done very, very well and I don’t expect us to be less successful in this endeavor either.”

The groups made the announcement ahead of a two-hour debate scheduled for the Dail on Wednesday evening over the government’s compensation scheme, which could exceed three billion euros.