June 24, 2022

A political party gets things done

Americans have invested taxpayers’ money in national projects such as the Erie Canal, the Interstate Highway System, Going-to-the-Sun Road, or K-12 Universal Education. Such projects have enabled us to become a global economic power. The recent infrastructure bill, which includes money for roads, bridges, public transport, railways, airports, ports and waterways over five years, represents an investment of 65 billions of dollars in improving the country’s broadband infrastructure and investing tens of billions of dollars in improving the electrical grid and water supply systems while creating millions of jobs. The Build Back Better Bill (passed by the House) will provide American families with universal pre-care, expand paid family leave, reduce drug prices, dramatically reduce the cost of insulin, hearing aids for health insurance and child tax credits while reducing American poverty. 40% level.

Our government is doing well by all measurable standards. It’s messy, but it’s democracy. Unemployment is down. Job creation is on the rise. Covid vaccinations are on the rise. The stock market is up. America is starting to take climate change seriously. But you would never know by listening to Fox News or Congressman Matt Rosendale or Senator Steve Daines. Joe Biden delivered the bipartisanship he promised; however, only Montana Senator Jon Tester has advocated for these public investments to benefit the people of Montana.

At this point in Trump’s presidency, he has not signed any major legislation even though the GOP has larger majorities in both chambers. Republicans have had years to embrace an alternative to Obamacare and never have. Years to pass an infrastructure bill, but I never did. They spend all of their time attacking one perceived foe or another with dog whistle rhetoric and performative clickbait antics. But are they advocating issues that would help America? Legislators are supposed to fight for their constituencies. They are not supposed to agree on everything, but they are supposed to follow the guidelines of the Constitution.

A party works hard, gets things done, represents the needs of the American people. We are not. Every political group imaginable is contained in this party. There are conservatives, liberals, industrialists, economists, environmentalists all under the umbrella of the Democratic Party. What does the Republican Party represent today? Not the party of tax cuts, family values ​​or small government. They have no political platform. Also, if you ban abortions, ban mask mandates, dictate what educators can teach in schools, force transgender students to play sports based on their sex assigned at birth, and prevent people from voting, you are not the limited government party. It is social control. Today’s Republican Party has only one goal: to stop the Democrats from doing anything and get and stay in power. The party becomes smaller and more dangerous as members try to curry favor with the more radical base they helped create. Governing is about getting things done, not attacking the other side. They’ve given up on competing ideas, but now through gerrymandering, passing laws, electing state-level political hacks to certify election winners only if their side wins. Republican Dwight Eisenhower once said, “If a political party is not founded in a just and moral cause, it is no longer a political party but merely a conspiracy to seize power.”

David James, Eureka