November 30, 2022

A new political party will be formed by Mica activists – Donegal Daily

Representatives of the owners of Mica and Pyrite announced their intention to form a new political party.

Action groups in Donegal, Mayo, Clare, Limerick and Sligo say they intend to field candidates for local and national elections. Their main purpose is to fix the bad block scheme.

Michael Doherty, PRO of Mica Action Group in Donegal, said: ‘We’re really sick of the crap we’re putting up with here, we think the opposition are doing their best but we’re set to fail because of the systems as they are.

“We have exhausted all avenues of working with local and national government to no avail. We have given the government every opportunity to work with us to fix this pattern, it is now clear that we must take the necessary steps to fix it ourselves,” the five groups said in a joint statement.

On Tuesday, the five action groups formally registered their intentions with the Registrar of Political Parties‘ office at Leinster House to form a political party.

They said they were now working to mobilize a campaign to field candidates in each of the 13 counties and major cities affected by defective concrete blocks. “And we are confident we will succeed,” they said.

“We intend to present candidates in all relevant counties in local and national elections. Four counties are now part of the defective concrete block program. However, we know from our research that this issue is occurring in 13 counties so far. We will reach out to victims in these other affected counties to establish action groups and ask each group to work under the umbrella of this new political party. We will also reach out to activists fighting in our cities to clean up thousands of broken apartments and townhouses.

“Now is the time for all who are suffering from ineffective ‘light-touch’ government regulation and corporate neglect to come together to demand justice and for our homes, properties and lives to be restored.”

The groups said the decision was affected by the “conscious decision by government TDs to put their party before their people” – “a decision that sealed their fate at election time”.

A Mica/Pyrite protest will take place outside the gates of Leinster House today, Wednesday, as the Dáil votes on proposed amendments to the new regime.

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