November 25, 2022

A new political party in the making

Barbados will have a new political party by September.

The New Democratic Progress (NDP) is currently being set up by interests who have chosen to remain anonymous at this stage.

A spokesperson said Barbados TODAY that although they have already set up a Facebook page to generate interest when recruiting members, they chose not to go public to avoid attracting the usual political candidates.

Despite the new parties’ poor showing in the island’s political landscape, the NDP is undeterred, saying it will come up with a new kind of politics.

Declaring his motto as Development and democracy with the philosophy of Friends of all, satellites of nonethe party says it intends to build a political institution to continue the work of the Right Great Errol Walton Barrow.

“The NDP will not engage in opposition politics. Where appropriate, the NDP will commend the government of the day for all policies established by the government that contribute to the development and upliftment of the people of Barbados,” he said.

However, he added that, where appropriate, the NDP will present Barbadians with a “coordinated analysis” of any government policies it deems unnecessary, unnecessary or harmful to Barbados’ security, values ​​or financial integrity. .

The NDP stressed that democracy is paramount and stressed the need for a fair society where freedom of expression as well as patience and tolerance for all are respected.

“Polite and dissenting freedom of speech with respectful attention to alternative viewpoints should be considered a community norm. Democracy needs real freedom of expression, as well as patience and tolerance for all.

“We believe in democracy, both conceptually and practically, as defined in the Barbadian Constitution. Dictatorship, communism and fascism are incompatible with the freedom and values ​​of Barbados,” he said.

The NPD said it would “function as a public forum for the welfare and advancement of the people of Barbados”.

“This will be achieved through avenues of personal development: unhindered access to education and vocational training, regardless of experience, age or gender; access to economic participation and freedom of career choice; cultural expression; freedom of conscience and faith,” he added. (SOUTH DAKOTA)

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