November 25, 2022

A new political movement is born in Abia and vows to take power

A new political movement, Action Peoples Party (APP) has emerged in Abia, with the leadership promising that the party will take power in 2023 and bring about the needed change in state governance.

Speaking to reporters in Umuahia shortly after the inauguration of the state and local government working committees, party chairman, leader Sylvanus Nwaji, while emphasizing that the party exists, said its aim was to to bring about a turnaround in the infrastructure of the state.

Nwaji said he was worried that things are not working as they should in the state, said APP which is the gathering of like minds from various political parties is a platform to bring changes to the state.

Nwanji said the launch of the party in the state was timely: “It is not late, the main point we want to prove is that the people of Abia want change. It is a party oriented towards the masses. We want people to come, like-minded people.

“People want change. We are on a membership drive. There are already people but we want more members. We want more people.

“Our wish is for everyone to come out on election day so that we can do so through our voter card so that Abia is properly blessed.”

He called on the people of the state to join the APP in bringing about what he called appropriate change in the governance of Abia from 2023.

On the provenance of the next Governor of Abia State, Hon. Nwaji insisted it would be from Abia North, whose turn he said was to produce the state’s next governor.