September 29, 2022

A Message from the Courier to Cobb County Political Candidates

I would like to send my regards to the candidates, supporters and campaign managers for all elected offices in Cobb County.

The whole electoral process is a wonderful demonstration of democracy in action.

And I would also like to explain a few things about our campaign coverage and how best to work with us.

First of all, the Cobb County Courier is very small, and in fact, I’m the only full-time person there. So developing an electoral calendar and systematically approaching each campaign is not yet something that we have been able to do.

The main consequence of this is that we are not chasing campaigns. We tend to hedge candidates who approach us.

It’s not an ideal situation, but it’s the best we can do until we grow up.

The second thing concerns our political balance. I get complaints that we cover Democratic campaigns but not Republicans.

We are approached more frequently by Democratic campaigns than by Republicans.

This is partly due to the nature of our coverage (our coverage of school boards, for example, is much more likely to anger Republicans than Democrats).

Part of it is because our background is from covering South Cobb, a much more heavily Democratic area than most of the county, so more Democrats are familiar with the Courier than Republicans.

And finally, I’m the editor and publisher, and I’m a Democrat, so more Democrats feel comfortable approaching us.

So if you’re a Republican candidate, approach us. We’re not going to hunt you down for the sake of balance, but unless you start shouting nonsense at QAnon, we’ll profile and interview you.

We do not respond to all press releases. Events that campaigns consider important (fundraising, canvassing, etc.) are often beyond our ability to cover. It depends on what other things are going on with our coverage, but that’s the reality.

I would like to impress upon all candidates the responsibility to keep abreast of your campaign materials. We don’t routinely dig through periodic financial reports (that’s another thing we don’t have the resources to do reliably), but if we get a report that you missed a deposit, that’s a something worthy of interest. So please, please, please, especially first-time applicants, I don’t like to report missed filings, but the public has a right to know if you can handle the tasks administrative as you will be expected to cover much more complex tasks. if you are elected to a position.

And another thing: be patient with us. This whole operation is me and some independent journalists. If you contact us and haven’t received an acknowledgment email within the day, call me. If an interview is assigned and you don’t hear back within a week, contact me again. I keep a pretty good schedule, but it’s often full of stuff and I drop the ball from time to time.