September 29, 2022

9 a.m. ET: More extreme weather, controversial Pelosi trip, new political party and more – CNN 5 Things

From CNN, I’m Jo Beck for Faiz Jamil today with the five things you need to know for Friday, July 29.

Rescuers are still searching for survivors after catastrophic flooding in eastern Kentucky. At least 15 people died on Thursday as swollen floodwaters overwhelmed homes, roads and bridges and swept away cars. Officials say the death toll is likely to rise further. More than 23,000 customers lost power due to bad weather. And CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam says more flooding could be coming.

Derek Van Dam (touched by a journalist)


Some of the total precipitation here in the past 24 hours, exceeding ten inches in many places. And unfortunately, it’s a lot of rain in a short time. The ground here extremely saturated. Thus, any additional precipitation will allow rivers and streams to swell even more and cause additional flooding. And unfortunately, there is additional precipitation in the forecast for the rest of the day.

And from one extreme to the other: the US Drought Monitor reports that flash drought conditions have intensified in the northeast and on the southern plains, creating a difficult situation for farmers.

A potential visit by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan has sparked concern in Washington and anger in Beijing. China has lashed out at the proposed trip, pledging to take resolute and forceful action if it goes ahead. It was also brought up yesterday during a call between President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping when Xi warned that “those who play with fire will perish”. CNN’s Oren Liebermann said the Pentagon is developing a plan to ensure Pelosi’s safety if she continues on her journey.

Oren Lieberman (reporter shot)


Defense officials here at the Pentagon said such a plan would involve U.S. military assets in the area, such as planes and ships, as well as potentially satellites to monitor the area around Pelosi if she was in the area. region.

So far, Pelosi has refused to publicly confirm the trip, but she has invited Democrats and Republicans to accompany her if she goes.

Russia and Ukraine swap charges over an attack on a prison in the Donetsk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry says Ukraine attacked the prison, killing 40 Ukrainian POWs. But later, the Ukrainian military said that Russia had bombed the prison to pursue its criminal goals and accuse Ukraine of war crimes. Ukraine has denied ever hitting civilian infrastructure, saying they only hit Russian military targets. CNN cannot verify the claims on either side, but the video shows extensive damage to a building.

A Nicaraguan opposition leader was sentenced to ten years in prison for participating in protests against the Ortega government in 2018. The Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights said a court in the capital also sentenced Yubrank Suazo to five years for conspiracy to undermine national integrity and another five years for spreading false news. Suazo’s lawyer says he will appeal the sentence. Separately, the government withdrew its endorsement of Hugo Rodriguez, the US ambassador candidate. In a statement to the US secretary of state, Nicaragua’s foreign minister said Rodriguez made “interventionist and disrespectful statements” against the country during its recent confirmation hearing. Rodriguez told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that he was committed to working with Congress and others to push for a “return to democracy, respect for human rights and freedom of people.” political prisoners in Nicaragua”. He also criticized President Daniel Ortega and his administration.

A group of Republicans and Democrats join forces to appeal to the moderates. More on that when we come back. Forward. It is the name of a new political party made up of Republicans and Democrats. The goal is to appeal to what they call the majority, I quote, moderate and common sense. Former GOP congressman David Jolly wrote about the new party this week in a Washington Post op-ed, alongside former Republican Governor Christine Todd Whitman and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang. They say issues like guns, climate change and abortion could benefit from a moderate approach. The new party will also advocate for preferential voting and open primaries, as well as an end to gerrymandering and national protection of the right to vote.

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