November 30, 2022

39 political candidates file so far | New

Former Attorney General Douglas B. Moylan is seeking to return to his former position as “Toughest AG On Crime” and made his candidacy official Thursday morning.

And with less than a week to go before the deadline, other Senate hopefuls and two teams of governors have filed their nominations with the Guam Election Commission, bringing the total number of nominees to 39 as of 4 p.m. Friday.

“Like it or not, we all want and need the toughest AG to protect and fight for all of us. We need an AG who is not afraid to pursue, to convince the juries to convict and call on the courts to severely punish criminals, including corrupt politicians,” Moylan said in a statement.

He previously served as Attorney General from 2003 to 2007, after he moved from an appointed to an elected position.

“If elected, my 30 years of experience, tenacity and commitment to enforcing all the laws for everyone goes to the criminal, civil, child support and consumer protection divisions of the bureau. of the GA,” he said.

Its platform promises include:

  • Provide legal services to all government officials that result in direct benefit to taxpayers, consumers and residents.
  • Fight to put and keep criminals in jail, lower gas prices, improve quality of life, ensure corrupt officials receive their just punishment, and protect civil rights.

“When you hire a lawyer, you’re not paying for a ‘good guy,’ like this AG,” Moylan said. “You are paying to have the toughest, smartest, most experienced lawyer fight for you. Don’t vote for an AG who wants re-election. Vote for an AG who will fight to his dying day in the power, as I did.

Moylan is the only person so far to challenge Attorney General Leevin Camacho, who is seeking re-election this year. Public defender attorney Peter J. Santos said he was considering running.

Governor teams

Del’s Democratic team. Michael San Nicolas for longtime governor and journalist Sabrina Salas-Matanane filed his candidacy file with the electoral commission on Tuesday.

Former Republican Gov. Felix Camacho and Sen. Tony Ada filed for candidacy Thursday.

“We are thrilled with what this moment means for our families and our supporters,” said Camacho, who added that they were ready to meet the challenges of energy, inflation, cost of living, drugs and crime, and to “bring our island back.”

Democratic incumbents Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero and Lt. Gov. Joshua Tenorio are the only announced gubernatorial team not to run in the primary election Friday.

The Legislature

On Friday, 32 candidates for a seat in Guam’s 37th Legislature filed. The latest filings total 15 Republicans and 17 Democrats.

Incumbent Republicans Senator Joanne Brown and Frank Blas have filed for re-election, along with Democratic Senator Amanda Shelton and former Senator Kelly Marsh Taitano, who served in Guam’s 35th Legislature.

Recently deposed Democratic newcomers include John Ananich, David R. Duenas, Will Parkinson, Roy Quinata, Alexander Duenas, Armando Dominguez and Sarah Thomas Nededog. Republican Michelle Hope Taitano also filed.

The deadline to apply for the primary is Tuesday. The primary is August 27, but early voting and door-to-door voting open July 28.

Candidates for the post of senator as of Friday:

  • Incumbent Senator Jose “Pedo” Terlaje, Democrat
  • Dwayne San Nicolas, Democrat
  • Harvey Egna, Republican
  • Incumbent Senator Telo Taitague, Republican
  • Sandra Reyes Seau, Republican
  • Fred E. Bordallo Jr., Democrat
  • Incumbent Senator Joe San Agustin, Democrat
  • Thomas J. Fisher, Republican
  • Ken Leon Guerrero, Republican
  • Jonathan Savares, Democrat
  • Former Senator Sam Mabini Young, Republican
  • Incumbent Senator Chris Duenas, Republican
  • Former Senator Mana Silva Taijeron, Republican
  • Incumbent Senator Sabina Perez, Democrat
  • Outgoing Vice President Tina Muña Barnes, Democrat
  • Franklin J. Meno, Democrat
  • Bistra Mendiola, Republican
  • David W. Crisostomo, Republican
  • Vincent Borja, Republican
  • Former Senator Jesse Lujan, Republican

Candidates for the position of delegate:

  • Senator Telena Nelson, Democrat
  • Judi Won Pat, Democrat
  • Senator James Moylan, Republican