September 29, 2022

2023: Former Eagles captain Joseph Yobo and others start a political movement


Some young leaders in collaboration with the former captain of the Super Eagles, Joseph Yobo launched a political movement, Grassroots Mobilization Initiative (GMI), in Abuja on Monday.

The youths revealed that the GMI was unveiled to ensure that young Nigerians support credible candidates in 2023 across the country, especially the presidency.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors (BoT) of the GMI, Yobo, lamented the challenges of insecurity, poor economy, corruption and the unprecedented level of poverty in the country despite the country’s enormous resources.

“We accept that Nigeria is a work in progress. As a nation we have made progress, but we want more, in fact, much more. If you look at the country right now, we’re not where we should be.

“It is in this context that myself and other like-minded people have taken it upon ourselves to come together and speak out for the benefit of our country. We want a new leader who will consolidate the current good gains and move forward Nigeria.

“The 2023 elections are very crucial for the future of our country. From North to South, from East to West, all Nigerians must be involved. It is with this in mind that we have looked to the current situation to speak to all Nigerians and say that it is time we learned to do things in a new way.

“We must move away from the politics of the past and eliminate all unconscious social and religious biases that tend to divide us all as a nation.”

He took the opportunity to instruct Nigerians to get their PVC back and be ready to defend their votes.

GMI National Coordinator, Samaila Musa, noted in his address that the movement was created to save Nigeria from the margins of inconsistency and collapse.

“It is undoubtedly a necessary step, because if Nigerians today need to hear the truth, they must be told that its leaders past and present have lost the energy and some of the courage to stand up. to tackle serious national issues and challenges around security, corruption and the economy, and to manage the limitations imposed by our diversity, it is worth noting that this has nothing to do with political parties but with individuals.

“With the strength of our members across Nigeria, we will mobilize Nigerians to look beyond self-interest, sentiment and even political persuasion in this 2023 election. Nigerians must ask the right questions and set deadlines for deliverables.