November 25, 2022

2 political candidates with same name confusing some western Pennsylvania voters – WPXI

PITTSBURGH — In western Pennsylvania, there’s Democrat Mike Doyle and Republican Mike Doyle — two politicians who share the same name and virtually the same congressional district — but it’s the name that confuses people. voters.

“Do you know the difference between Mike Doyle and Mike Doyle? No, they are neighbors, maybe,” said Martin Nagel, a resident of Swisshelm Park.

Mike Doyle, Democratic Congressman, and Mike Doyle, the Republican candidate, are not neighbors, they are two different politicians.

“My name is on the ballot but it’s not me, and I want everyone to know that,” said Democrat Mike Doyle.

But their common names and district confuse voters in the 12th congressional district.

“There’s a gentleman with the same name as me running in the new 12th district which is part of the old 18th district, that’s about the only thing we share in common,” said Democrat Mike Doyle.

Democrat Mike Doyle, Congressman from Forest Hills, has served western Pennsylvania in the 18th congressional district since the early 1990s. He is now retired.

“We’re not related, we come from different parties and we have different ideas about how government should be run,” Democrat Mike Doyle said.

The Mike Doyle on the ballot is Republican candidate Mike Doyle, a Plum Borough councilman running in the 12th Congressional District against Democrat Summer Lee.

“I have to differentiate myself from Summer Lee, not from Mike Doyle,” Republican candidate Mike Doyle said.

Republican Mike Doyle told Channel 11 News he was not concerned about the name confusion – he preferred to focus on the issues and his opponent.

“I prefer to talk about crime in this area, and she wants to defund the police and get rid of jails and jails,” the Republican candidate said.

Democratic candidate Summer Lee weighed in on those comments, agreeing that the two are, in fact, very different; but insisting that she has the best plan for the district.

“Should we and could we instead invest in complementary services and invest in our education system? We know what solves crime, we know how to solve these problems, and that’s by tackling poverty,” Lee said.

Republican Mike Doyle and Democrat Summer Lee will face off on Nov. 8 for the 12th congressional district headquarters.

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